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Wikipedia Article Located at Then unexpectedly the Latins, the group of tribes immediately to their south, rebelled. Keys are often found in graves of women, showing the tradition that it was the women who controlled the household, farms and property. It is said that her face and dark eyes were as charming as Aphrodite's, and that she honoured her husband like no woman before her. Around CE a group of Franks, taking advantage of a weakened Roman Empire, penetrated as far as Tarragona in Spain, plaguing this region for about a decade before Roman forces subdued them and expelled them from Roman territory. The relationship between Geats and Goths, the wandering Germanic tribe that played a major part in the fall of the Western Roman Empire, is a subject of great dispute. Strangely; the statue "The Dying Gaul" does seem to be in exact conformity with the "Supposed" description of "Diodorus Siculus" who is said to describe them as such:
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The Eurasian Invasion - the Latin's

Temples that survived were converted into Christian churches: It was decided that it was the head from one of the many giant statues of Augustus, which were scattered all over Egypt. The question of where the Goths came from is a major historical and philological puzzle. Pontinia in the region of Latium with it's 13, inhabitants is a town in Italy - some 44 mi or 71 km South-East of Rome, the country's capital city. The town is perched above a precipitous cliff with a splendid view over the Pomptine Marshes below. Aside from that absurdity, of which there is no evidence, the statue head of course, has no inscription. He said there were many other islands formed by branches of the Rhine, inhabited by savage and barbarous nations, some of whom were supposed to live on fish and the eggs of sea-fowl.
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Italy Revisited by Mary Melfi

His contemporaries would have known exactly what he looked like, and there would not have been such variation in his appearance as depicted in the various portraits that now exist Whites do lie about these things. But, the later relationship is well known to be one of violence. The Germanic religion was polytheistic, their society was a warrior aristocracy, and finally their societal structure was a mobile one. During the Viking Age they constituted the basis of the Varangian subset, the Vikings that traveled eastwards. They are always washing their hair in limewater and pull it back from the forehead They long avoided becoming Christians and being incorporated into the orbit of the Frankish kingdom, but were decisively and brutally conquered by Charlemagne in a long series of annual campaigns The dominion of Theodoric was not a barbarian but a civilized power.
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More recent scholarship has shown that view to be an oversimplification. During the Viking Age they constituted the basis of the Varangian subset, the Vikings that traveled eastwards. The earliest evidence for the Goths puts them in Poland in the 2nd-century CE, with a consequent rapid movement to the Black Sea area. Plows which had been blessed in the fields in Heathen times were brought into the Churches to be blessed in the spring. The Ubii were a Germanic tribe first encountered dwelling on the right bank of the Rhine in the time of Julius Caesar, who formed an alliance with them in 55 BCE in order to launch attacks across the river.
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