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The arena exploded with cheers as you regrouped with Nora and Nick down below the stage and headed outside. The tournament was still a few weeks off but the Beacon Dance was coming up rather soon and plenty of students were already figuring out what to wear and who to go. I have decided who the reader will be paired up with, however, I plan to leave it a mystery for you to figure out until I eventually reveal who it is. I closed my eyes and held my index and middle finger in-front of my mouth. She was about as tall as Blake with brown eyes and long brown hair like your teammate Daisy.

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As with any kind of school term, there were good times and bad times. Then she turned to the other bottom bunk. Scars 2 Happy you all enjoyed part 1! Blake was laying her head on his shoulder smiling brightly as she felt herself about to cum as well. Your semblance is gravity manipulation. They had a simple Basic Land to spar on and an empty pool grounds otherwise so that they could have their privacy.

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It sounded like a pretty weak one to her. Zwei let go and made the white-haired fencer started to bounce around, "Ooo How did he even see us. A kid who had called his sister Ruby an idiot. It's coupled with the Vale Heights Hotel, creating a 5-star experience for its guests. When it was time for him to leave, they almost had to pull him out of there.
I looked you to see a very familiar face. Yang smiled sheepishly as she backed off a bit, while Weiss walked up with a small smirk. When the need to breathe finally caught up with the both of you, you saw her brown eyes were sparkling and a slight blush was present on her cheeks. I was pleasantly surprised as I didn't know how well this story would be received! But enough chit-chat, let's begin! Reader Toughen Up 3 A lone man, sitting in the chair next to his desk, stared at the statistics of the latest dust shipments from the mines on his computer.

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Nemo4711 +4 Points July 13, 2018

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mmmm she is so cute

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We want more Kelly Nichols !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mio23 +2 Points May 5, 2018

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damn hot

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